50-Bed Hospitals To Be Built In 5 Dstricts Of Karnali

February 22, 2021 | Investopaper

The construction process of hospital in five districts of Karnali has moved ahead as per the target of providing access to quality health care to the remote citizens. A 50-bed hospital will be constructed in Humla, Dolpa, Dailekh, Rukum West and Salyan of Karnali with an investment of Rs 1.5 Arba by the Karnali State Ministry of Social Development.

The construction of 50-bed hospitals will be completed in all the five districts within the next three years. The government aims to build a hospital at a local level, a basic health service center in every ward and a well-equipped hospital in remote districts.

The Ministry of Social Development of Karnali has allocated Rs 1.5 Arba for the construction of the hospitals. Of this, Rs 29.66 crores has been allocated for Humla and Rs 29.19 crores for Dolpa. Similarly, Rs. 36.36 crores has been allocated for Dailekh, Rs. 28 crores for Salyan and Rs. 28.91 crores for Rukum West.

Among the seven states, the federal government has given priority to the construction of health sector infrastructure as a model work in Karnali.

The 50-bed hospital to be built in the villages will significantly increase the access of the general public to the health sector.


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