Check the Bank Offerings at NADA Auto Show 2019

August 29, 2019 | Investopaper

NADA Auto show is regarded as the biggest festival in the vehicle industry. The 6 days long this fair is all about two-wheelers and four-wheelers. NADA Auto Show 2019 is the 14th edition.

Apart from new vehicles, there are various parts and associates presented thereby like spare parts, tires, lubricants, garage equipment, batteries, generators, etc. And, every vehicle companies have come up with their new models of vehicles.

Inaugurated by Finance Minister Dr. Yuba Raj Khatiwada, there are 160 blocks and stalls in the exhibition with 95 companies participating thereby. In the meantime, there are various cash discounts and offers provided by vehicle companies as well.

This is said to be the largest auto show in Nepal. And, the ticket prices are Rs 200 for an individual. Students can visit with Rs 150 presenting their ID card. Meanwhile, the time has been scheduled for 11 am to 6 pm hereby.

As explained by the organizers, there will be 20 brands of two-wheelers 19 brands of four-wheelers during the fair. It is believed that the NADA Auto show is not all limited to purchase and sell, but an important hub for information flow as well. General people will get to understand the importance of safe driving, traffic rules and regulations as well.

Generally organized before Dashain, it is equally an important time for Bankers, as they drop down with attractive interest rates in an auto loan. There are commercial banks and a developer who has been proving attractive schemes in this season.

Special consideration has been given to electric vehicles with special interest rates and financings by almost every bank. Banks, who have been participating in this fair have been providing this particular interest rates till extended time (15 – 1 month more of the time after the end of fair). There are special schemes in loan processing fees as well.

Banks drop down to the fair with their stall offering the customers impressive schemes. The following are the major banks that can be noticed in NADA Auto Show 2019 with their offerings that can be found in the fair.

Banks Interest Financing  (Personal) Financing (Institutional) Time
Standard Chartered Bank 9.39 50 70 6 years
Everest Bank 9.66 50 75 5 years
Global IME  Bank 9.99 50 70 9 years
Sanima Bank 10.49 50 75 9 years
NIC Asia Bank 9.5 50 80 7 years
Laxmi Bank 10.5 50 75 7 years
Machhapuchhre Bank 10.99 50 70 7 years
Civil Bank 11.11 50 80 7 years
Bank of Kathmandu 11.48 50 80 7 years
Nabil Bank 10.59 50 70 7 years
Shangrila Development Bank 11.66 50 70 7 years

Apart from vehicle sellers, this is an important time for bankers as well to grab the market with best dealings over the loan. Hence, this is not just a festival for automobiles, but an equally important festival for bankers as well. So, if a customer wishes to buy a vehicle – this fair makes it easy as a piece of cake.


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