80 Commonly Used Banking Acronyms and Their Full Form You Should Know

August 21, 2019 | Investopaper

Acronyms refer to the abbreviations formed from the initial letters. People use acronyms mainly for the ease in communication. They are popularized more than the meaning they convey. In banking, the acronyms are used frequently. Whether it may be in the products or services or communication with the customers, acronyms of the banking terms come into play. However, the public, especially in Nepal, are unaware of the full form and the meaning of such banking acronyms.

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Here, we have compiled 80 commonly used banking acronyms for your ease. It may be more helpful if are connected to the banking system in one way or another.

Commonly Used Banking Acronyms

Acronym Full-Form
AMC Asset Management Company
AML Anti Money Laundering
ASBA Application Supported By Blocked Amount
ATM Automated Teller Machine
BAFIA Bank And Financial Institution Act
BAFIO Bank And Financial Institution Ordinance
BFI Bank and Financial Institution
BIF Bank Insurance Fraud
BOD Board Of Directors
BOP Balance of Payments
BOT Balance of Trade
BSD Bank Supervision Department
CAR Capital Adequacy Ratio
CASA Current And Saving Account
CBS Core Banking Solutions
CCD Credit To Core Capital and Deposit
CDS Central Depository System
CEO Chief Executive Officer
CIB Credit Information Bureau
CICL Credit Information Centre Limited
CIT Citizen Investment Trust
CMD Currency Management Department
CRM Credit Risk Mitigation
CRR Cash Reserve Ratio
CSB Citizen Saving Bond
DB Development Bond
DBSD Development Bank Supervision Department
DBAN Development Bankers Association of Nepal
DCGF Deposit and Credit Guarantee Fund
DSL Deprived Sector Lending
ECC Electronic Cheque Clearing
EFT Electronic Fund Transfer
ELF Electronic Liquidity Facility
EPF Employees Provident Fund
EPS Earnings Per Share
FEMD Foreign Exchange Management Department
FESB Foreign Employment Saving Bond
FNCCI Federation of Nepalese Chamber of Commerce and Industry
GDP Gross Domestic Product
HRMD Human Resource Management Department
IAD Internal Audit Department
IBP Intensive Banking Programme
IC Investment Committee
ICAN Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nepal
IFC International Finance Corporation
IMF International Monetary System
IPO Initial Public Offering
IPS Inter-Bank Payment System
IRC Interest Rate Corridor
ITD Information Technology Department
KYC Know Your Customer
LC Letter of Credit
LCR Liquidity Coverage Ratio
ML Money Laundering
MOF Ministry Of Finance
NAV Net Asset Value
NBA Non-Banking Assets
NBA Nepal Bankers’ Association
NCHL Nepal Clearing House Limited
NEPS Nepal Electronic Payment System
NEPSE Nepal Stock Exchange
NPA Non Performing Assets
NPL Non-Performing Loan
NRB Nepal Rastra Bank
NSA Nepal Standards of Auditing
OBS Online Bidding System
OMO Open Market Operation
PAN Permanent Account Number
PDMD Public Debt Management System
POS Point of Sales
POT Point of Transaction
RMC Risk Management Committee
RMU Risk Management Unit
RWA Risk-Weighted Assets
SAF Structural Adjustment Facility
SCT Smart Choice Technology
 SIP Systematic Investment Plan
SLR Statutory Liquidity Ratio
TB Treasury Bills
WB World Bank

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