Financial Access in Nepal: Commercial Banks reach 739 local levels, State 5 with full presence of banks

Presence of Commercial Bank in local levels

Commercial Banks have opened their branches in 739 local levels. The government announced to have a commercial bank’s branch in each of the 753 local levels in the budget speech of FY 2017/18.

14 local levels are still devoid of commercial bank branches. Commercial Banks have reached to all local levels of state 5. Likewise, Sudur Paschim State has yet 6 places where the banks have not reached.

Bank and Financial Institutions and their branches

As per the latest report, access to finance has increased as compared to the previous year.  The total number of BFIs stands at 171 as of Shrawan. Likewise, the financial institutions have 8,805 branches until the Shrawan, 2076.  The BFIs are now providing services to 3,363 population per branch on average.

Number of BFIs:

Total Branches of BFIs:

State-wise Population per branches:

Access to Banking Services

The use of banking services has increased substantially. The mobile banking users, interest banking users and branchless banking users have gradually expanded. Similarly, the number of ATMs has also grown to 3,316. The debit card and credit card users stand at 67 lakhs and 1.23 lakh respectively as of 2076.

Mobile Banking, Internet Banking, and Branchless banking users:

Number of ATMs, Debit Card and Credit Card Users:



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