Commercial Production Of Saffron Started In Nepal

November 9, 2020 | Investopaper

Commercial production of saffron, known as the most expensive flower in the world, has started in Illam.

The commercial production of saffron has started in Maijogmai village municipality of Illam. Saffron, which has medicinal properties and costs up to Rs 10 lakhs per kg, was tested in Jogmai last year. The commercial production of saffron, known as a perennial plant, has started by collective cultivation this year.

The saffron produced last year has been sold locally. Saffron has already started to be harvested in Illam for the second year after trial production of high value herb. Farmers are busy picking saffron at this time.

The Jowari Multipurpose Agriculture and Environment Center has started saffron cultivation in Thumkedanda and Jowari areas of Maijogmai Gaonpalika-6.

Farmers in Illam are excited after the high value herb saffron started blooming. Farmers are confident of increasing production and income as it is planted in more area than in the past.


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