Comparative Performance of 3 Microfinance: Civil Vs Naya Nepal Vs Mithila

January 31, 2020 | Investopaper

Civil Laghubitta, Naya Nepal Laghubitta, and Mithila Laghubitta have published the second-quarter report today. Since these three micro finances possess a similar capital structure, we will try to make a financial comparison.

Civil Laghubitta has the highest capital among the three with Rs. 11.41 crores. However, Mithila Laghubitta has more reserve with Rs. 6.87 crores.

Similarly, Civil Laghubitta has floated Rs. 117.67 crores while Mithila Laghubitta is slightly behind the two with Rs. 110.47 crores.

Also, Civil Laghubitta has earned more net interest income with Rs. 4.57 crores while Naya Nepal Laghubitta has the lowest net interest income of Rs. 2.98 crores. In terms of net profit, Mithila Laghubitta leads with Rs. 1.65 crores in profit followed by Naya Nepal and Civil Laghubitta with a profit of Rs. 1.33 crores and Rs. 1 crore respectively.

Civil Laghubitta has the highest NPL of 3 percent. On the other hand, Naya Nepal Laghubitta has the lowest NPL among the three.

Likewise, Mithila Laghubitta has a lower cost of funds of 10.10 percent. While the cost of Naya Nepal Laghubitta is at 12.17.

Similarly, Mithila Laghubitta leads in EPS and per-share net worth with Rs. 31.12 and Rs. 164.88. Civil Laghubitta has the lowest EPS and per-share net worth of Rs. 17.64 and Rs. 131.51 respectively.

The financial comparison is also summarized in the table below:

Comparative Performance: Civil Vs Naya Nepal Vs Mithila 

HEADINGS Civil Laghubitta Naya Nepal Laghubitta Mithila Laghubitta
PAID-UP CAPITAL (Rs. In crores) 11.41 10.08 10.59
RESERVE (Rs. In crores) 3.6 3.49 6.87
BORROWINGS (Rs. In crores) 74.48 91.48 75.55
DEPOSITS (Rs. In crores) 35.04 19.81 31.8
LOANS  (Rs. In crores) 117.67 112.53 110.47
NET INTEREST INCOME (Rs. In crores) 4.57 2.98 4.08
PROFIT (Rs. In crores) 1 1.33 1.65
COST OF FUNDS(%) 10.62 12.17 10.1
EARNINGS PER SHARE, EPS (Rs.) 17.64 26.32 31.12
NETWORTH PER SHARE (Rs.) 131.51 134.66 164.88
MARKET PRICE PER SHARE (Rs.) [Poush end, 2076] 800 636 613
P/E RATIO 45.35 24.16 19.70


The above figures are based on the unaudited second-quarter report published by the respective microfinance. Investors are advised to take other things into consideration along with this report while making investment decisions. The numbers may vary after the final audit. 


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