Dividend Re-investment Plan In NIBL Sahabhagita Fund

June 4, 2021 | Investopaper

NIBL Ace Capital Limited, a fund manager and depository of NIBL Sahabhagita Fund (NIBLSF)-an Open Ended Mutual fund sponsored by Nepal Investment Bank Limited, has re-informed its unit holders regarding its Dividend Re-Investment Plan. Under this plan, the unit holders who wish to utilize the said plan can reinvest their eligible cash dividends in the units of NIBLSF.

The participant will get units of NIBLSF which equals to their eligible cash dividend (after deduction of applicable taxes and transaction cost). The notice was published on 6th April, 2021 for the Dividend Re-Investment Plan. Therefore, the unit holders who have not yet participated in this scheme are requested to participate.

Further, unit holders who register their name before book closure will only be eligible for the Dividend Re-Investment Plan for dividend that will be announced in current fiscal year or upcoming fiscal years.

The unit holders can participate or register in the plan by following any one process listed below:

  1.   The eligible unit holders can register their name by filling the required forms by visiting the branches of NIBL Ace Capital Limited or its distribution agents.
  2.   The eligible unit holders can register their name by filling the Dividend Re-Investment Plan Registration Form placed at https://mutualfund.niblcapital.com/
  3.  The eligible unit holders can register their name by sending e-mail to below mentioned address with their e-mail address mentioned in respective demat account with information mentioned below:

 E-mail Subject: Dividend Re-investment Plan

 Receiver’s E-mail: drep.mutualfund@niblcapital.com

 Description to be mentioned in e-mail:

 Unit-holder’s Full Name:

 Unit-holder’s BOID:

 Contact Number:


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