Exchange Facility Of Up To 500 Dollars Without Dollar Account

December 8, 2020 | Investopaper

One can now receive up to five hundred dollars even if they do not have a dollar account in the bank. After the first quarterly review of the monetary policy for the current fiscal year, NRB will make provision to provide exchange facility in foreign currency for payment when importing foreign goods and services up to a certain amount online.

However, the public will not get such facility for payment of physical consumer goods. NRB has stated that such facilities will be provided for advertising on social media, viewing entertainment sites other than those banned by the government, and purchasing kits for technicians.

Earlier, in Magh, NRB had clarified that the advertisement on social media was not allowed. The legal way is being opened for sponsoring and advertising on social media as it is being paid for through hundi. Advertising agencies have been estimated that Rs 2 Arba is spent for advertising on social media at present. Similarly, it is estimated that Rs. 12-13 crore is spent annually for playing online games like Pubji. Until now, even for such online games, payment was being made through the unofficial system.


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