Facebook imposes strict ads rules on election holding nations in 2019

January  16, 2019 | Investopaper

According to Reuters, Facebook has informed that the company will be extending its political advertising rules and tools for checking out  election interference to nations like India, Nigeria, Ukraine and European Union. These nations have election in the next few months.

Facebook, the most popular social media site in most of the countries has been the medium to promote fake news and propaganda for politicians and their opponents in recent years. Facebook which has been facing several criticisms in recent years were pressurized from several authorities around the world that led them to increase oversight of political ads.

Effective from Wednesday, Facebook director of global politics and outreach, Katie Harbath, informed that in Nigeria and Ukraine, only local advertisers will be allowed to run electoral ads. Similarly, in India,  electoral ads will be placed in a searchable online library from next month.

Facebook is looking for revised ads policies for other countries like Australia, Israel, Philippines, Indonesia etc. who will be conducting elections in 2019.

Last month, US Senate committee researchers reached into the conclusion that Donald Trump was promoted during his presidential election time by Russian government Internet Research Agency through social media.






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