10 Highest Dividend Paying Mutual Fund Schemes In Nepal

November 3, 2021 | Investopaper

A mutual fund is a company that pools money from many small as well as institutional investors and invests in stocks, bonds, and other investment securities. It is managed and operated by a portfolio manager. Mutual Funds help the general investors to minimize the risk in investment. As the funds are managed by professionals, they generate an adequate return at lower risks. In Nepal, as per the Mutual Fund Directives 2067, the money collected by mutual funds is invested by the portfolio manager in shares, bonds, government securities, and fixed deposits. The return or profit from such investment is distributed to the unitholders in a proportional manner. An investor purchasing the share/unit of the mutual fund is known as a unitholder.

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Here, we have listed the ten highest dividend-paying mutual fund schemes operating in Nepal. These schemes pay the dividend to their unit-holders in the form of cash.

Highest Dividend Paying Mutual Fund Schemes In Nepal- FY 2077/78

S.N. Mutual Fund Scheme Symbol Dividend (In %)
1 Global IME Samunnat Scheme 1 GIMES1 100
2 NIBL Pragati Fund NIBLPF 50
3 NIBL Sahabhagita Fund Open-Ended Scheme 50
4 Sunrise First Mutual Fund SFMF 50
5 Citizens Mutual Fund – 2 CMF2 40
6 Citizens Mutual Fund-1 CMF1 40
7 Nabil Equity Fund NEF 40
8 Laxmi Equity Fund LEMF 35
9 Nabil Balanced Fund – 2 NBF2 35
10 NIBL Samriddhi Fund 1 NIBSF1 35

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