25 Lakh Units IPO Shares Of Barahi Hydropower Listed In NEPSE | Trading Of Shares Begins

January 3, 2023 | Investopaper

Nepal Stock Exchange has listed the IPO shares of Barahi Hydropower Public Limited (BHPL) on Poush 18, 2079 BS.

As per the information, 25,00,000 units IPO shares of Barahi Hydropower Public Limited (BHPL) has been listed in NEPSE. The Open Price Range is set as Rs.64.97 to Rs.194.91 for the first transactions.

Barahi Hydropower had floated shares to the general public from Mangsir 21 to Mangsir 26, 2079 BS.

After the listing, investors can trade their shares in the market. The trading of shares of BHPL will start from tomorrow.


IPO Of Barahi Hydropower Public Limited


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