Lilium, an Electric air taxi, completes first phase of testing

October 22, 2019 | Investopaper

Lilium, the German aviation company, has completed the first phase of testing of its five-seater flying car, the Lilium jet.

The company released video footage of its air taxi flying at the speed of 100 km per hour. Showing the footage, the company announced that the first phase of testing was successfully completed.

With the goal to launch commercial flights by 2025, Lilium is now one step closer. The company has already opened a 3,000 square meter factory in its Munich headquarters.

The german start-up Lilium has plans to introduce an app which allows the consumer to book its air taxi.

Until now, the company has raised funds of around 100 million dollars from the investors that include Tencent and venture capital firm Atomico.


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