Nepse Tutorial: How To Access Important Data And Information From Nepse Website

March 12, 2020 | Investopaper 

In this beginner’s tutorial, we will tell you how to access important data and information available in the Nepse website. Always remember that the stock market is hugely influenced by the important data and information regarding the company.  So, you need to find the right information and data related to the trading companies. The main official source for getting this data and information is the Nepse website i.e

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The important sections to get information through the Nepse website are as below:


When you visit the Nepse website, what you will immediately notice on the left-hand side is the information center.  In this section, you will get to know about corporate disclosure and Nepse circulars. For instance, you can know about the upcoming Annual General Meeting of a company and its book a close date. Similarly, you can know about the listing of bonus/right shares of a trading company in Nepse, etc. under this section. If any company informs Nepse about mergers then you can know about it. Besides, if Nepse suspends the transaction of any company, then you also get to know about that.

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Under this section, you get the latest information through different notices published by the Nepal Stock Exchange regarding the share market of Nepal. For instance, IPO, debenture listing of a certain company can be known in this section. Likewise, information related to online trading, Nepal Clearing House Limited, information to brokers, users, etc. can be seen here.

To see the old news and information related to the stock market, you can go inside the Media menu bar on the top of the website and click News and Alerts. 

The important sections to get data through the Nepse website are as follows:

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You can see Nepse’s data menu in the top left corner of the Nepse website. When you place your cursor into Nepse’s data menu, you see five submenus.

a) Today’s share price

If you go inside Today’s share price submenu you can use Select date and Stock symbol to filter your result to see the data of the desired stock. You can see the saved data of trading companies for the selected date and gather the required information regarding stock.

b) Today’s floor sheet

Inside this sub-menu, you can see the live floor sheet of different stocks currently trading in the stock market. The floor sheet gives you an idea of how strongly the stock is trading at different rates. Likewise, you can see the saved floor sheet of companies if needed.  You can filter your result using Contract Number, Stock Symbol, Buyer and Seller Broker.

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c) Datewise Indices

If you need the data wise index of the stock market, then you can go inside this menu. You can filter your results on the basis of indices and sub-indices. You can access data-wise indices of the last 6 months. This data will be useful for you to know the performance of the market in the last six months.

d) Last 90 days stock wise trading

This section is useful to know about the trading pattern of stocks traded in the Nepse market. You can see the list of the price at which the stock traded in the last 90 days. This will help you to know about the risk associated with a certain stock. It also helps to find the price sensitivity of a stock price with the Nepse index. You can filter your results by entering the stock symbol,  start date, and end date.

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e)  180 Days Trading Average Price

This section provides valuable information on the last 180 days’ price related to the stock of a company.  You can use important data like closing price average, weighted average, total traded shares, weighted average, closing price, etc. of company stock to analyze the six-month performance of the stock.

The best way to invest is to gather knowledge and information and utilize them to make good choices. So, keep on using the data and information to stay updated with the stock market and make decisions accordingly.

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