20 Banks Earns Rs. 49.35 Arba in Net Interest Income in 3 Months Period

November 6, 2023 | Investopaper

Bank is a financial institution that takes in money from people who want to save or deposit their money. The bank then uses that money to make loans to individuals, businesses, or even invest in things like government bonds. When the bank makes these loans or investments, it charges interest, which is essentially a fee for using its money.

On the other hand, the bank also has to pay interest to the people who have deposited their money in the bank. So, the bank earns money from the interest it charges on loans and investments, and it has to spend money on the interest it pays to depositors.

Net interest income is the difference between these two amounts. It’s like a bank’s profit from its core business of lending and borrowing money. If a bank earns more interest from its loans and investments than it pays out to depositors, it has a positive Net Interest Income, which is good for its financial health. This extra money can be used to cover operating expenses, make profits, and potentially grow the bank.

Here, we have presented the net interest income earned by the 20 commercial banks operating in Nepal. The data is based on the unaudited first quarterly report of the fiscal year 2080/81.


Net Interest Income Of 20 Commercial Banks In Nepal- Fiscal Year 2080/81

Rank Commercial Banks Net Interest Income  (Rs. ‘Arba’)
1 Global IME Bank Limited 4.8
2 Nabil Bank Limited 4.17
3 Nepal Investment Mega Bank Limited 4.16
4 Himalayan Bank Limited 3.17
5 Kumari Bank Limited 3.04
6 Laxmi Sunrise Bank Limited 2.86
7 NIC Asia Bank Limited 2.74
8 Prabhu Bank Limited 2.54
9 Rastriya Banijya Bank Limited 2.52
10 NMB Bank Limited 2.22
11 Nepal Bank Limited 2.21
12 Agricultural Development Bank Limited 2.06
13 Siddhartha Bank Limited 1.96
14 Everest Bank Limited 1.89
15 Prime Commercial Bank Limited 1.88
16 Sanima Bank Limited 1.52
17 Citizens Bank International Limited 1.44
18 Machhapuchchhre Bank Limited 1.41
19 Standard Chartered Bank Nepal Limited 1.38
20 Nepal SBI Bank Limited 1.38
Total 49.35

Source: Unaudited Q1 Report Of Respective Banks, FY 2080/81

Note: The net interest income of the banks is of the first three months of the fiscal year 2080/81 only. 

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