10% NMB Bank debenture 2085 approved by Sebon

February 27, 2019 | Investopaper

Securities Board of Nepal(SEBON) has approved the debenture issue of NMB Bank named ‘10% NMB Bank debenture 2085’ on Falgun 14.

NMB Bank will issue debenture worth Rs. 3 Arab. Out of the total, Rs. 1.8 Arab worth of debenture will be issued through private placement. The remaining Rs. 1.2 Arab worth of debenture is the public issue amount.

Siddhartha Capital is the issue manager for the debenture of NMB Bank.

NMB Bank followed the footsteps of NIC Asia, Sanima, Siddhartha and Global IME Bank who have recently issued the debenture.



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