Postal Highway, Connecting East To West, 57 Percent Complete

November 20, 2020 | Investopaper

The work of widening the postal highway (Hulaki Rajmarg), which is considered the backbone of the Terai-Madhes, has been completed 57 percent. The project was started in the fiscal year 2065/66 BS with the objective of developing the postal highway as an alternative route connecting East and West by upgrading it. Initially, it was sought to be built with India’s financial and technical assistance. At that time, it was designed to be a one-lane road. India had allocated Rs 8 billion for 700 km of road.

The government has given priority to the postal highway and included it in the project of national pride. According to Rohit Visural, director of the Postal Highway Project Directorate, the expansion has gained momentum after its establishment in the fiscal year 2072/73 BS.

The initial cost estimate for the project was Rs 47.24 billion. The revised cost is Rs. 65.20 billion. The time limit for completion is 2079/80. More than 10 million people will directly benefit from the road to be built in 20 districts of Terai Madhes.



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