Prime Minister’s Employment Program To Provide 100 Days Employment To 2 Lakh People

September 2, 2020 | Investopaper

The government has decided to provide 100 days employment to 200,000 people through the Prime Minister’s Employment Program. The Ministry of Labor, Employment and Social Security has decided to provide employment to the unemployed by employing them for 100 days in the current fiscal year. Suman Ghimire, national program director of the program, informed that people in the age group of 15 to 59 years have been started to provide 100 days employment by engaging in labor work.

The government has allocated Rs. 11.60 billion for the Prime Minister’s Employment Program for unemployed youth. Ghimire said that the program has started providing employment to 200,000 people who have no employment in the family. The government has set a target of creating 500,000 jobs through public, private sector and special programs in the current fiscal year.

Those selected from the local level will work on maintenance projects and 20 community infrastructure projects. The program has been brought to create employment opportunities, make maximum use of local resources and increase the ownership of local infrastructure. One hundred days of employment will provide food and shelter to the unemployed throughout the year.

One person will work for Rs. 517 per day. Those who do not have enough food for less than three months will be given 100 days employment by being included in the program. The local level is preparing for the event. In the last fiscal year, 82,638 people were employed for 100 days under the Prime Minister’s Employment Program. The government has introduced the Prime Minister’s Employment Program from FY 2075/76 with the objective of implementing the right to employment through guarantee of minimum employment to the unemployed.

Procedure For Selection

Unemployed people will have to apply for employment in the local level ward where they live and on the basis of the same application, the local level executive will select the poor and the economically weak and those selected will be given 100 days employment through the program. As of last Ashad, 383,595 unemployed people have been registered in 753 local level employment service centers.

Article 33 of the Constitution of Nepal includes the right to employment as a fundamental right. The Right to Employment Act, 2075 has also been issued to implement the same fundamental right. The Government of Nepal has announced to end the situation of any Nepali citizen being forced to go for foreign employment within the next five years by creating employment opportunities in public development works through the policies and programs and budget of the Fiscal Year 2075/76.


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