Promotional activities for VNY 2020 gets 262 million budget

December 1, 2019 | Investopaper

The promotional activities for Visit Nepal Year (VNY) 2020 has got a major portion of the total budget. Out of the total budget of 617 million allocated for the VNY 2020, 262 million has been set aside for promotional activities. This means the VNY secretariat has been allocated 43 percent of the total budget for the promotional campaigns.

Out of 262 million, the secretariat has set aside 40 million for organizing or participating in roadshows, sales missions, and tourism festivals. These events are to be organized in neighboring countries India and China as well in Europe, South East Asia, Australia, and America. Nepal Tourism Board and the private sector will be associated with the event. Also, the budget will be spent on stakeholders to travel in the countries mentioned above where travel and tourism fairs and sales missions are being organized.

Another 25 million will be spent on promotional activities to be organized abroad in association with Nepalese embassies located in foreign countries and NRNs residing in the respective countries. On the other hand, 35 million has been allocated for the promotion and branding of the VNY campaign. 10 million has been allocated to the promotional campaign that will be organized in collaboration with international organizations based in Nepal. Besides, 5 million has been set for programs and activities to be organized in assistance with the Nepalese Army, Nepali Police, and APF. To promote cultural activities, 5 million budget has been allocated to activities organized in partnership with cultural organizations.

The VNY secretariat has allocated 40 million for the production of the promotional materials. These include booklets, posters, brochures, coat pins, diaries, pens, etc. Digital marketing and consumer promotion also get 40 million budget. Also, 10 million has been allotted for national and international celebrities in partnership with tour operators. Likewise, 10 million will be spent on domestic promotions. Meanwhile, for the promotional activities in our neighboring country, the amount of 20 million and 10 million has also been allocated.

Under these circumstances, it will be exciting to see if the Visit Nepal Year 2020 will be a success to attract a lot of tourists to our country or not.


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