Rastriya Banijya Bank (RBB) ATM Locations In Kathmandu & Outside Valley

May 29, 2020 | Investopaper

Rastriya Banijya Bank (RBB) was established on Magh 10, 2022 [January 23, 1966]. It is one of the pioneer Bank in Nepal with the history of more than half century. Rastriya Banijya bank was constituted under RBB act 2021 with the full ownership of the government of Nepal. The Bank has been running under Bank and Financial Institute Act ( BAFIA ) and Company Act (CA) 2063 at present.

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Currently, Rastriya Banijya Bank (RBB)  has 238 branches , 93 branch less banking (BLB) and 204 ATMs all over Nepal.

RBB is visa associate member bank. Bank provides issuance of Visa Electron Debit card from all of its branches. RBB has launched issuance of chip based Visa Cards as per the EMV standards.

RBB issues Visa Debit card in three categories:

  • Visa Domestic
    Valid in Nepal and India
  • Visa International
    Valid Worldwide
  • Visa Travel Quota
    Valid worldwide issued against foreign currency facility (passport/tickets)

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Function offered by RBB ATMs

  • Fast Cash
  • Cash Withdrawal
  • Enquiry (Balance Enquiry & Statement Enquiry)
  • PIN Change

Function offered by RBB Member Bank and Visa ATM and POS

  • Fast Cash
  • Balance Inquiry
  • POS purchase

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The ATM Locations of Rastriya Banijya Bank (RBB) inside and outside Kathmandu valley are shown below:

RBB ATM Location Inside Kathmandu Valley

Serial No. RBB ATM Location Branch
1  (i) Balaju I
(ii) Balaju II
2  (i) New Baneshwor I
(ii) New Baneshwor II
(iii) New Baneshwor III
(iv) Santinagar
3  Bhotahity  Bhotahity
4  Boudha  Boudha
5  Budhanilkantha  Budhanilkantha
6  (i) Durbarmarga I
(ii) Durbarmarga II
7  (i) Nepal Medical College Jorpati
(ii) Bajuko Sekuwa Gaushala
(iii) Gaushala
8  (i) Kalanki I
(ii) Kalanki II
9  (i) Kirtipur I
(ii) Kirtipur II
10  (i) Yatayat Office lalitpur
(ii) Jawalkhel Police Office
(iii) Lagankhel
11  Lubhu  Lubhu
12  (i) Maharajgunj
(ii) Basundhara Police Petrol Pump
(iii) Police Academy Maharajgunj
13  (i) Bir Hospital
(ii) Nepal Airline Corporation
(iii) Dharmapath ATM lounge
(iv) Bishal Bazar
(v) Ratnapark
 Main Branch Office
14  (i) Maitidevi I
(ii) Maitidevi II
15  (i) Naxal I
(ii) Naxal II
(iii) Police Headquarter Naxal
16  Pharping  Pharping
17  Pulchowk  Pulchowk
18  Putalisadak  Putalisadak
19  (i) Sanothimi I
(ii) Sanothimi II
 Sano Thimi
20  (i) Singhadurbar Parisar I
(ii) Singhadurbar Parisar II
 Singhadurbar Parisar
21  (i) Suryabinayak
(ii) Bhaktapur Durbar Square
22  (i) T.I.Airport I
(ii) T.I.Airport II
(iii) T.I.Airport III
 T. I. Airport
23  Teku  Teku
24  (i) Thamel I
(ii) Thamel II
25  (i) Singhadurbar Plaza – CO
(ii) Singhadurbar Plaza – CO
(iii) Singhadurbar Plaza – CO
(iv) Singhadurbar Plaza – CO
(v) Singhadurbar Plaza – CO
26  Thimi  Thimi


RBB ATM Locations OutSide Kathmandu Valley

Serial No. RBB ATM Location Branch
1  Amar Singh Chowk,Pokhara  Amarsinghchowk
2  Atariya  Atariya
3  Baglungbazar  Baglungbazar
4  Baitadi  Baitadi
5  Bajhang  Bajhang
6  Banepa  Banepa
7  Banganga  Banganga
8  Bardaghat  Bardaghat
9  Bardibas  Bardibas
10  Bargachhi  Bargachhi
11  Belbari  Belbari
12  Beltar  Beltar
13  Benibazar  Benibazar
14  Besishahar  Besishahar
15  Bhadrapur  Bhadrapur
16  (i) Bhirahawa I
(ii) Bhirahawa II
17  Bhajani  Bhajani
18  (i) Bharatpur Police Academy
(ii) Bharatpur I
(iii) Bharatpur II
19  Bhojpur  Bhojpur
20  Bhurigaun  Bhurigaun
21  Bidur  Bidur
22  Bijuwar  Bijuwar
23  (i) Biratnagar I
(ii) Biratnagar II
24  (i) Birgunj I
(ii) Birgunj II
25  (i) Birtamod I
(ii) Birtamod II
26  (i) Butwal I
(ii) Butwal II
 Butwal Khasauli
27  Chainpur  Chainpur
28  Charikot  Charikot
29  Chaurjahari  Chaurjahari
30  Dadeldhura  Dadeldhura
31  Dailekh  Dailekh
32  Damak  Damak
33  Damauli  Damauli
34  Darchula  Darchula
35  Devkotachowk  Devkotachowk
36  Dhading  Dhading
37  (i) Dhangadhi I
(ii) Dhangadhi II
(iii) Dhangadhi III
38  Dhankuta  Dhankuta
39  Dhanusha Mahendra Nagar  Dhanusha Mahendra Nagar
40  (i) Dharan I
(ii) Dharan II
41  Dhulikhel  Dhulikhel
42  Diktel  Diktel
43  (i) Dipayal I
(ii) Dipayal II
44  Doti  Doti
45  Duhabi  Duhabi
46  Gaighat  Gaighat
47  Gajuri  Gajuri
48  Garudabazar  Garudabazar
49  Gaur  Gaur
50  (i) Gorkha I
(ii) Gorkha II
51  Gulariya  Gulariya
52  Gulmi  Gulmi
53  Hanumannagar  Hanumannagar
54  (i) Hetauda I
(ii) Hetauda II
(iii) Hetauda II
55  Hile  Hile
56  Ilambazar  Ilambazar
57  Inaruwa  Inruwa
58  (i) Itahari I
(ii) Itahari II
59  Jaleshwor  Jaleshwor
60  (i) Janakpur I
(ii) Janakpur II
61  Kalaiya  Kalaiya
62  Katari  Katari
63  Kathauna  Kathauna
64  Kawasoti  Kawasoti
65  Khandbari  Khandbari
66  Khanikhola  Khanikhola
67  kohalpur  kohalpur
68  Kusma  Kusma
69  Lahan  Lahan
70  Lakeside  Lakeside
71  Lalbandi  Lalbandi
72  Lamahi  Lamahi
73  Lamki  Lamki
74  Lukla  Lukla
75  Mahendrachowk  Mahendrachowk
76  (i) Mahendranagar I
(ii) Mahendranagar II
77  (i) Mahendrapul I
(ii) Mahendrapul II
78  Malekhu  Malekhu
79  Mangelsen  Mangelsen
80  Manma  Manma
81  Manthali  Manthali
82  Mirchaiya  Mirchaiya
83  Namchebazar  Namchebazar
84  (i) Narayangadh I
(ii) Narayangadh II
85  Narayanpur  Narayanpur
86  (i) Nepalgunj I
(ii) Nepalgunj II
87  Nijgadh  Nijgadh
88  Okhaldhunga  Okhaldhunga
89  Palpa  Palpa
90  Parasi  Parasi
91  Pardi  Pardi
92  Pashupatinagar  Pashupatinagar
93  Pathari  Pathari
94  Pidarichowk  Pidarichowk
95  (i) Prithvichowk I
(ii) Prithvichowk II
(iii) Prithvichowk III
96  (i) Rajbiraj I
(ii) Rajbiraj II
97  Ramechhap  Ramechhap
98  (i) Ramnagar I
(ii) Ramnagar II
 Ramnagar Bazar
99  Ratnanagar  Ratnanagar
100  Sallari  Sallari
101  Sandikharka  Sandikharka
102  Shivagunj  Shivagunj
103  Shreepur  Shreepur
104  Shreepur Belauri  Shreepur Belauri
105  Simara  Simara
106  Simikot  Simikot
107  Sindhuli  Sindhuli
108  Siraha  Siraha
109  (i) Sukhha Bandaegaha Biratnagar I
(ii) Sukhha Bandaegaha Biratnagar II
 Sukhha Bandaegaha
110  Sukhipur  Sukhipur
111  Sunwal  Sunwal
112  (i) Surkhet I
(ii) Surkhet II
113  Syanjabazar  Syangjabazar
114  Talchwok  Talchwok
115  Taulihawa  Taulihawa
116  Tribhuvanchowk  Tribhuvanchowk
117  Tulsipur  Tulsipur
118  Urlabari  Urlabari



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