Tata’s Compact Truck ‘Intra V20’ Launched In Nepal 

January 18, 2021 | Investopaper

Sipradi Trading Pvt. Ltd., the official distributor of automotive manufacturer Tata Motors for Nepal, has started selling the smart compact truck Tata Intra V20 in Nepal. The company has launched a safe and comfortable truck based on Tata Motors’ premium tough design principles. The starting price of the Tata Intra is Rs 19.75. The company states that there is more space to move around inside the cabin built with its modern design.

The truck has comfortable seats and a modern digital cluster. In addition, the gear lever mounted on the dashboard will make the long journey feel comfortable and fatigue-free, the company said in a statement. The combination of its reliable and dependable engine, gearbox, crown, and chassis results in low maintenance costs.

This compact truck has a large load body, the maximum load-carrying capacity of 1,100 kg, excellent mileage, and a strong engine, gearbox, crown, and chassis has been constructed in such a way as to give maximum profit to the vehicle owners at low operating cost. It has a turning circle radius of 4.75 meters that can be easily turned even in a narrow street. 


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