Taxi Fare in Bagmati Increased by 25.40 Percent

January 9, 2022 | Investopaper

The Bagmati state government has increased the fare of meter taxi operated in Kathmandu Valley. The fare of taxi has gone up by 25.40 percent.

Now, the customer has to pay Rs 49 for a kilometer instead of Rs 39. The Bagmati government has increased the taxi fare with effect from Magh 1, 2078 BS.

The new fare has been fixed by the decision of the Minister of Physical Infrastructure Development of the state government. The ministry has decided to increase the fare on Poush 20.

According to the new fare, the starting flag down of the first 1 km journey of the taxi service in the Kathmandu Valley has been fixed at Rs 60. At present, such fare is Rs 53. 

Apart from this, the fare has been fixed at the rate of Rs. 9.80 per 200 meters after the initial one kilometer journey. Accordingly, the rate has been increased by Rs 2.80 per 200 meters. 


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