Technologies Effectively Used In COVID19 Pandemic Time

September 22, 2020 | DWAIPAYAN REGMI

The situation that the world is passing through was never predicted or imagined. It all appears like life in a movie. As no one had ever thought that the person standing next to them would be dangerous, there was no effort ever made for working over the preventive measures ever here. However, technologies are never used for one specific use, but it certainly has a wide range of uses.

It turned out to be technologies that were ever ready for any sort of situation that the world might face up.

The following are the major technologies that are in use across the globe to fight against this pandemic:


Drones are acting as a surveillance camera for monitoring to different bodies. They have proved to be an efficient and safe means for observation, be that in hospitals, society, or anywhere. COVID tested patients can be safely monitored and necessary actions can be taken easily without being physically present there. Drones are in use in various nations from India, United States, Brazil, etc. At those places, where lockdown is imposed – drones monitor if the people are obeying the instructions or not.


COVID patients must get strong care and support. Further, their basic routine should be made healthy enough to ensure that they get strong immunity. But, the biggest fear that exists is that people get scared to be around COVID patients. Be that cleaning personnel or health workers – being around is a huge risk. As a result, robots have been doing an amazing job by replacing human needs through their effort. These robots are used for medicine supply, food delivery, or other basic tasks that humans used to carry out. It is in use in the various nation across the globe and has proved out to be effective as well.

3D Prints

It has been observed that 3D print is in use to provide several solutions for the COVID-19 pandemic. The use of 3D printing is on the global rise as it is being used for developing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to emergency dwelling to isolate patients. It has been observed that 3D prints are used to develop Medical devices like Ventilator valves, mask connectors for CPAP and BiPAP, noninvasive PEEP mask, emergency respiration device. Further, it is in use to develop parts of PPE like face shield, respirators, metal respirator filters as well. That is not all about, 3D print is also used to develop personal accessories like face masks, door openers, mask adjusters, and testing devices like Nasopharyngeal swabs. Be it nations like China or the United States – the rise in 3D print to handle this pandemic is vivid.


The rise of Telemedicine is seen globally. It has been stated that Amwell’s telemedicine in the United States has risen by 158% and that of Plushcare by 70% at the time of the pandemic. An important reason why telemedicine is on the rise is that it is convenient and means of inexpensive care. It has been easy means for both the needy ones and the suppliers, and hence they are found to be practiced by a wide range of society – be that bigger economies like that of New York, or smaller ones like that of Kabul. Telemedicine for handling COVID cases seems to be applicable now in Nepal as well. It has been regarded that Telemedicine is virtually perfect means to handle this pandemic situation one way or the other.

Smartphone Tracking

Contact tracing is a widely used practice for control of the virus. The quality over contact tracing clearly defines the control that could be possible for virus prevention. The higher the tracing, the higher will be the chances that the virus won’t spread further. Had been minor cases, contact tracing would have been easy. But, when the number goes beyond the control – contact tracing turns out to be equally challenging and tough. As a result, smartphones proved themselves that they can work out significantly for control of the virus spread. Smartphone tracking has been a key element to find out who the victim came into touch with before the virus spread.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence has been doing an amazing job for alerting, contact tracing, providing information, medical reporting, quarantine enforcement, and self-diagnosis at the time of this pandemic. This technology has turned out to be helpful for tracking, screening as well as predicting the current and future patients. They are being used for early detection and diagnosis of infection. Meanwhile, AI is also being used for the development of drugs and vaccines reducing the workload of health care workers. This technology is being used widely across the globe for handling the current crisis.

 [Mr. Dwaipayan Regmi is currently working as the Assistant Manager in Rastriya Banijya Bank]

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