Ten Hydropower Projects Under Construction In Myadi District | To Generate 385 MW Electricity

March 4, 2022 | Investopaper

Ten hydropower projects with a capacity of more than 385 MW are being constructed in Myadi District. Three projects are being constructed in Dhaulagiri and Malika Rural Municipality in Myagdi Khola, three in Rahughat Khola in Raghuganga Rural Municipality and four in Annapurna Rural Municipality in Kaligandaki reservoir.

Dhaulagiri Kalika Hydro Limited is developing a 25 MW Darbang Myagdikhola Hydropower Project. Similarly,  the Upper Hydro Limited is constructing 53.5 MW Upper Myagdikhola Hydropower Project. Likewise, 57.3 MW Myagdikhola Hydropower Project is also being constructed in Myagdi river. 

In the Rahughat river flowing in Raghuganga Rural Municipality, the 42-megawatt Rahughat hydropower project, 48.5-megawatt Upper Rahughat project and 35-megawatt Mangale Rahughat hydropower projects are under construction. Raghuganga Hydro Limited, a subsidiary of Nepal Electricity Authority, is constructing the 42-megawatt Rahughat hydropower project. Likewise, Tundi Power Limited has started the construction of the 48.5 MW Upper Rahughat and 35 MW Mangale Rahughat Hydropower simultaneously.

Similarly, four different hydropower projects are being constructed in Gharkhola and Mistrikhola of Kaligandaki Reservoir in Annapurna Rural Municipality. Nilgiri Khola Hydropower Limited is constructing a dam, tunnel and power house for the 38 MW Nilgiri-1 and 71 MW Nilgiri-2 hydropower projects at Nilgiri and Mistrikhola. Hym Consult Pvt. Ltd. has started construction of 6 MW Rele Khola hydropower project while Super Ghalemdi Hydro Pvt. Ltd is constructing a 9.14 MW Super Ghalemdi Hydropower Project. 

Mountain Energy Ltd. has already completed the construction of 42 MW Mistrikhola Hydropower project  and connected to the national grid. Likewise, a 6 MW Ghalemdikhola Hydropower Project has also started generating and transmitting electricity.

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