Top 10 Stocks with Highest Share Price in Nepal

October 31, 2023 | Investopaper

Here, we have presented the 10 stocks trading in Nepal Stock Exchange (NEPSE) that have the highest share price. The share price is taken from the website of the Nepal Stock Exchange dated October 30, 2023 [Karthik 14, 2080 BS].

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10 Highest Priced Stocks In Nepal Stock Market:

1. Unilever Nepal Limited: Rs. 35,600

Company’s Name Unilever Nepal Limited
Symbol UNL
Share Price 35,600
Total Listed Shares 920,700

2. Bottlers Nepal Terai Limited: Rs. 13,006

Company’s Name Bottlers Nepal Terai Limited
Symbol BNT
Share Price 13,006
Total Listed Shares 1,210,000

3. Rastriya Beema Company Limited: Rs. 13,000

Company’s Name Rastriya Beema Company Limited
Symbol RBCL
Share Price 13,000
Total Listed Shares 2,666,365

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4. Salt Trading Corporation: Rs. 5,010

Company’s Name Salt Trading Corporation
Symbol STC
Share Price 5,010
Total Listed Shares 2,788,844

5. Bishal Bazar Company Limited: Rs. 3,545

Company’s Name Bishal Bazar Company Limited
Symbol BBC
Share Price 3,545
Total Listed Shares 491,400

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6. Bottlers Nepal (Balaju) Limited: Rs. 2,453.30

Company’s Name Bottlers Nepal (Balaju) Limited
Symbol BNL
Share Price 2,453.30
Total Listed Shares 1,948,887

7. Himalayan Distillery Limited: Rs. 1,892.50

Company’s Name Himalayan Distillery Limited
Symbol HDL
Share Price 1,892.50
Total Listed Shares 24,295,666

8. Citizen Investment Trust: Rs. 1,891.10

Company’s Name Citizen Investment Trust
Symbol CIT
Share Price 1,891.10
Total Listed Shares 53,137,504

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9. Aatmanirbhar Laghubitta Bittiya Sanstha Limited: Rs. 1,862

Company’s Name Aatmanirbhar Laghubitta Bittiya Sanstha Limited
Symbol ANLB
Share Price 1,862
Total Listed Shares 623,380

10. Mahila Laghubitta Bittiya Sanstha Limited: Rs. 1,785

Company’s Name Mahila Laghubitta Bittiya Sanstha Limited
Symbol MLBSL
Share Price 1,785
Total Listed Shares 2,175,625

In Nutshell, stocks with the highest share price in Nepal are:

Rank Stock Symbol Share Price (Rs.)
1 UNL 35,600.00
2 BNT 13,006.00
3 RBCL 13,000.00
4 STC 5,010.00
5 BBC 3,545.00
6 BNL 2,453.30
7 HDL 1,892.50
8 CIT 1,891.10
9 ANLB 1,862.00
10 MLBSL 1,785.00

Note: The share price along with other information is as of the date October 30, 2023 [Karthik 14, 2080 BS]. At present, this information along with the ranking may vary.


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