Annapurna Power Company To Develop 43 MW Upper Madi-0 Hydropower Project In Kaski

November 24, 2022 | Investopaper

Annapurna Power Company Pvt. Ltd is going to build the 43 MW Upper Madi 0 hydropower project. For this purpose, the company has already received the construction license from the Department of Electricity Development. The department granted the permit to the company on Bhadra 30, 2079 BS. The license has a validity until Bhadra 29, 2114 BS.

The department has provided the construction license to the promoter company on the basis of the environmental impact assessment report and study report of the project approved by the Ministry of Forest and Environment. The company had submitted the application to the department for the construction license on Jestha 3, 2079 BS.

Before issuing the license, the Department Of Electricity Development had issued a notice requesting the stakeholders to submit written opinions/suggestions within 35 days if there is any adverse impact due to the construction and operation of this project.

The project is a run-of-the-river (ROR) type project. It will be built on the Madi River flowing through the Madi Rural Municipality of Kaski. The design flow will be 12.6 cubic meters per second and the total head will be 416 meters.

The main structures of the project will be on the right bank of Madi river. The water will be returned from the intake that will be built on the right side of the river by making a dam and that water will be taken to the power house through the main structures of the project: gravel trap, approach tunnel, underground settling basin, headrace tunnel, surge shaft, penstock pipe. The water will then be returned to the Madi river through the tailrace tunnel.

The project will produce 270.358 gigawatt hours of electrical energy annually. The produced energy will be connected to the Lekhnath substation of the Nepal Electricity Authority through a 40 km 132 kV transmission line from three 18.8 MVA power transformers to be connected to the switchyard of the power plant.

The company aims to generate electricity from the project by 2082 BS.

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