Vijaya Laghubitta Reports Drop In Net Profit | EPS Of Rs 42.79 [Q2 Report]

February 7, 2021 | Investopaper

Vijaya Laghubitta Bittiya Sanstha Limited (VLBS) has reported a 6 percent drop in net profit. As per the unaudited second quarterly report of the current fiscal year 2078/79, the microfinance has posted a net profit of Rs 6.84 crores as compared to Rs 7.29 crores of the corresponding period of the previous fiscal year.

As of Poush end 2078 BS, Vijaya Laghubitta has a paid-up capital of Rs 32 crores. The reserve and surplus stood at Rs 19.24 crores. Until this period, the microfinance has floated total loans and advances of Rs 4.59 Arba.

The annualized EPS is at Rs 42.79 while the per-share networth is at Rs 160.13.

The table below presents the summarized version of the quarterly report.

Vijaya Laghubitta (VLBS): Q2 Report Summary, FY 2078/79

Financial Indicators Q2, F.Y. 2078/79 Q2, F.Y. 2077/78 Percent Change
Paid up capital (Rs.’crores’) 32 26.65 20.08
Reserve and Surplus (Rs.’crores’) 19.24 12.85 49.73
Borrowings (Rs.’Arba’) 3.1 2.87 12.78
Deposits (Rs.’Arba’) 1.03 0.89 15.73
Loans & Advances (Rs.’Arba’) 4.59 4.07 12.78
Net Interest Income (Rs.’crores’) 19.15 15.54 23.23
Operating Profit (Rs.’crores’) 9.61 8.55 12.40
Net Profit (Rs.’crores’) 6.84 7.29 -6.17
Non Performing Loans, NPL(%) 4.63 3.21 44.24
Cost of Funds (%) 8.34 6.88 21.22
Earnings Per Share, EPS (Rs.) 42.79
Networth Per Share ( Rs.) 160.13
Market Price Per Share (Rs.) [Poush end, 2078 BS] 1455
P/E Ratio 34.00

Source: Unaudited Q2 Report, FY 2078/79


The above figures are based on the un-audited quarterly report published by the respective company. Investors are advised to take other things into consideration along with this report while making investment decisions. The numbers may vary after the final audit.

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