Kyle Jenner becomes ‘youngest billionaire ever’ leaving Mark Zukerberg behind

March 6, 2019 | Investopaper

Kylie Jenner has become the youngest ever billionaire at the age of just 21. The youngest member of the Kardashian-Jenner American reality TV family, Jenner was crowned by Forbes as the ‘youngest ever billionaire of the world’. According to Forbes, Jenner is the world’s 2,057th richest person.

Jenner became the billionaire from the fortunes of her company, Kylie Cosmetics. It is a makeup company, which Jenner runs from her iPhone X with the aid from her mother Kris. Jenner owns 100% of the cosmetics company. Forbes estimates that the company made sales of 360 million dollars last year.

Jenner said in an interview with Forbes “I didn’t expect anything. I did not foresee the future. But feels really good. That’s a nice pat on the back.”

Before Kylie Jenner, Mark Zuckerberg was the youngest ever billionaire. The Facebook creator became the billionaire at the age of 23.

Currently, the world’s richest person is Jeff Bezos with 131 billion dollars fortune. He is the founder and chief executive of internet-based company Amazon.


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