9 microfinance companies that gained more than 5 percent today.

July 29, 2019 | Investopaper

After Nepse fell more than 17 points yesterday, the market somehow managed to gain 3.18 points today to close at 1255.98 points. And the credit goes to the microfinance sector as 9 microfinance stock made it to the list of top ten gainers.  Likewise, the price of these companies increased significantly too. They gained more than 5 percent in a single day trading today. As a result, microfinance sub-index gained 1.6 percent today which is the highest among the sub-index gain.

The table below shows the list of 9 microfinance who made it to the top ten gainers list today. Another interesting thing is that 7 out of 9 microfinance companies on the top ten list are those companies who issued IPO to the general public within the last one year period.


Company Name SYMBOL Last traded price Point Change % change
Nepal Agro Laghubitta NAGRO 594 54 10
Swabhimaan Laghubitta SMFBS 550 47 9.34
Sparsha Laghubitta SPARS 498 40 8.73
Infinity Laghubitta ILBS 440 29 7.06
Gurans Laghubitta GLBSL 427 26 6.48
Asha Laghubitta ALBSL 427 25 6.22
Laxmi Laghubitta LLBS 704 39 5.86
Samata Laghubitta SMATA 1,203 66 5.8
Samudayik Laghubitta SLBSL 604 29 5.04

As shown in the table above, Nepal Agro and Swabhimaan Laghubitta hit positive circuit today. Similarly, Sparsha and Infinity gained 8.73 and 7.06 percent respectively. Laxmi Laghubitta reported an increase in net profit by 26.74 percent today. Eventually, the share price of the company surged by 5.86 percent. Infinity Laghubitta also observed price surge after publishing a good fourth-quarter report last Friday. EPS of Infinity stands at 18.09 while profit rose by 232 percent. On the other hand, EPS of Asha and Samata microfinance stands at Rs. 18.89 and Rs. 42.32 respectively. Investors have shown their good support to these companies disclosing good financial report. So, this may be the time to pick stocks from the microfinance sector by anticipating good reports based on the third quarterly performance of the company.

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