Api Power Company To Close 29.38 Percent Right Issue From Ashad 13

June 27, 2021 | Investopaper

Api Power Company Limited is currently floating the right shares to its shareholders. The right issue is open from Jestha 20, 2078 BS. The company will close the right offering from Ashad 13, 2078 BS.

Api Power Company is issuing the right shares in the ratio of 1:0.2938. This means that shareholders with 100 shares can apply for 29.38 right shares. The company will sell 56,70,000 right shares at a par value of Rs 100. Hence, the total right issue size amounts to Rs 56.70 crores.

Investors purchasing/holding the shares of API until Baisakh 28, 2078 BS are eligible to purchase the right shares.

Securities Board Of Nepal (SEBON) had provided the final approval for the right offering on Baisakh 19, 2078 BS. The company had submitted the application to SEBON on Falgun 9, 2077 B.

Muktinath Capital Limited has been appointed as the issue manager.

Previously, Api Power Company had issued 56.70 lakh right shares in the ratio 1:0.47 from Karthik 14 to Mangsir 4, 2077 BS.

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One thought on “Api Power Company To Close 29.38 Percent Right Issue From Ashad 13

  • June 11, 2021 at 11:07 am

    I am a shareholder of Api hydropower, i have bought 100 kitta of shares of Api hydropower 1 month ago from secondary market from Naasa Securities but im unable to apply for right shares. Can u check the problem then plz check it out….


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