Earnings Per Share (EPS) Of Finance Companies In Nepal

November 19, 2021 | Investopaper

Earnings Per Share (EPS) is the one of the important indicators while analyzing the profitability of the company. Higher EPS is more preferable to the investors as it will translate into higher dividends. Hence, investors value companies with greater EPS and provide higher share prices to those companies.

Earnings Per Share (EPS) is calculated by dividing the net profit of the company by its total number of shares. Here, we have calculated the EPS of finance companies of Nepal.

Note: The Earnings Per Share (EPS) of finance companies is based on the unaudited first quarterly report of the fiscal year 2078/79. The EPS is annualized for the purpose of comparison. After the audit, the numbers may vary.

The table below ranks the finance companies of Nepal based on the Earnings Per Share (EPS).

Earnings Per Share (EPS) Of Finance Companies In Nepal

S.N. Finance Company  Stock Symbol Earnings Per Share, EPS (Rs)
1 Best Finance Company Ltd. BFC 58.44
2 Goodwill Finance Co. Ltd. GFCL 32.8
3 ICFC Finance Limited ICFC 18.6
4 Janaki Finance Ltd. JFL 18.6
5 Progressive Finance Limited PROFL 16.8
6 Shree Investment Finance Co. Ltd. SIFC 12.48
7 Manjushree Finance Ltd. MFIL 11.88
8 Guweshowori Merchant Bank & Finance Co. Ltd. GMFIL 11.88
9 Reliance Finance Ltd. RLFL 9.56
10 Gurkhas Finance Ltd. GUFL 7.6
11 Central Finance Co. Ltd. CFCL 6.16
12 Nepal Finance Ltd. NFS 2.84
13 Samriddhi Finance Company Limited SFCL 1.92
14 Pokhara Finance Ltd. PFL 0.52
15 Multipurpose Finance Company Limited MPFL 0.2

Source: unaudited Q1 report, FY 2078/79


Among the finance companies in Nepal, Best Finance Company has the highest earnings per share (EPS) of Rs. 58.44. Goodwill Finance Co. Ltd is second to Best Finance Company in terms of EPS with Rs 32.8. Similarly, ICFC Finance has the Earnings Per Share (EPS) of Rs 18.60. On the other hand, Multipurpose Finance Company has the lowest EPS of Rs 0.2.


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