Market Capitalization Of Finance Companies In Nepal

November 19, 2021 | Investopaper

The market capitalization of a company refers to the total market value of the outstanding shares of that company. So, basically, the market capitalization (also known as market cap or market value) of a company is obtained by multiplying the market price per share by the number of outstanding shares of that company. This calculation will help you to determine the size and the strength of the company in the market.


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Market capitalization can be helpful to diversify your portfolio because it is essential to pick different-sized companies to minimize the risk associated with your investment. One of the basic features of blue-chip stocks is large market capitalization. On the other hand, the company with small market capitalization can become the most valuable companies in your portfolio if they become successful. But they have a high risk compared to large-cap companies.

Market cap is also a useful metric to determine the changing position of a company in the stock market whether it be large, medium, or small companies. Likewise, it also reflects the overall market behavior and sentiment too. For instance, when the total market cap of a Nepalese stock market increases on a daily basis for a time period, it is understandable that the market is on an upward trend and vice versa.


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The table below presents the finance companies in Nepal along with the share price, listed shares, and market capitalization.

S.N. Stock Name Stock Symbol No. Of Listed Shares Share Price (Rs.) Market Capitalization (Rs ‘Arba’)
1 Manjushree Finance Ltd. MFIL 9,653,949 1180 11.39
2 ICFC Finance Limited ICFC 10,242,658 900 9.22
3 Gurkhas Finance Ltd. GUFL 8,679,937 895 7.77
4 Goodwill Finance Co. Ltd. GFCL 8,672,000 810 7.02
5 Pokhara Finance Ltd. PFL 9,631,459 629 6.06
6 Reliance Finance Ltd. RLFL 9,156,577 611 5.59
7 Shree Investment Finance Co. Ltd. SIFC 8,901,349 582 5.18
8 Central Finance Co. Ltd. CFCL 8,810,358 582 5.13
9 Guweshowori Merchant Bank & Finance Co. Ltd. GMFIL 8,640,000 563.9 4.87
10 Best Finance Company Ltd. BFC 8,289,138 538 4.46
11 Janaki Finance Ltd. JFL 6,004,112 720 4.32
12 Progressive Finance Limited PROFL 8,001,000 421 3.37
13 Nepal Finance Ltd. NFS 4,934,964 593 2.93
14 Samriddhi Finance Company Limited SFCL 5,459,409 515 2.81
15 Multipurpose Finance Company Limited MPFL 4,000,000 539.8 2.16


The share price is of  November 18, 2021 [Mangsir 2, 2078 BS]. The total listed shares of the finance companies are of Mid-October 2021 [Ashwin end, 2078 BS]. At current, the share price, as well as listed shares, may vary along with the market capitalization. 


As computed in the table, Manjushree Finance has the highest market capitalization among the finance companies with Rs 11.39 Arba. ICFC Finance is second in terms of market value with Rs 9.22 Arba. Likewise, Gurkhas Finance has a market cap of Rs 7.77 Arba.

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