Electricity Production (In MW) By Hydropower Companies Listed In Nepal Stock Exchange

July 5, 2022 | Investopaper

Electricity Production is the main source of income for the hydro-power companies. Generally, these companies sign Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) with Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) at a predetermined rate. This translates into income during the lifespan of the hydro-power companies.

At current, 48 hydro power companies have listed their shares in Nepal Stock Exchange (NEPSE) by issuing initial public offering (IPO). Among the listed hydropower companies, Upper Tamakoshi Hydropower has developed the largest project with the capacity of 456 MW.

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The table below shows the hydropower companies listed in Nepal Stock Exchange along with their electricity production.

Electricity Production (IN MW) By Hydropower Companies

SN Name  Symbol  Project (In mW)
1 Ankhu Khola Jalvidhyut Company Ltd AKJCL 8.4
2 Api Power Company Ltd. * API 8+8.5
3 Arun Kabeli Power Ltd. ** AKPL 25
4 Arun Valley Hydropower Development Co. Ltd. AHPC 3
5 Balephi Hydropower Limited BHL 36
6 Barun Hydropower Co. Ltd. BARUN 4.45
7 Buddha Bhumi Nepal Hydropower Company Limited BNHC 4.99
8 Butwal Power Company Limited *** BPCL 12+9.4+30
9 Chhyangdi Hydropower Ltd. CHL 2+4
10 Chilime Hydropower Company Limited # CHCL 22.1
11 Dibyashwori Hydropower Ltd. DHPL 4
12 Ghalemdi Hydro Limited GHL 4
13 Green Ventures Limited GVL 52.4
14 GreenLife Hydropower Limited GLH 40
15 Himal Dolakha Hydropower Company Limited HDHPC 4.5+8
16 Himalaya Urja Bikas Company Limited HURJA 12+7
17 Himalayan Power Partner Ltd. HPPL 27
18 Joshi Hydropower Development Company Ltd JOSHI 3
19 Kalika power Company Ltd KPCL 6
20 Khanikhola Hydropower Co. Ltd. KKHC 4.36+2
21 Liberty Energy Company Limited LEC 25
22 Madhya Bhotekoshi Jalavidyut Company Limited MBJC 102
23 Mailung Khola Jal Vidhyut Company Limited MKJC 5
24 Mountain Energy Nepal Limited MEN 5+42
25 Mountain Hydro Nepal Limited MHNL 22.1
26 National Hydro Power Company Limited NHPC 7.5
27 Nepal Hydro Developers Ltd. NHDL 3.52
28 Ngadi Group Power Ltd. NGPL 4.95
29 Nyadi Hydropower Limited NYADI 30
30 Panchakanya Mai Hydropower Ltd PMHPL 9.98
31 Panchthar Power Compant Limited PPCL 14.9
32 Radhi Bidyut Company Ltd RADHI 4.4
33 Rasuwagadhi Hydropower Company Limited RHPL 111
34 River Falls Power Limited RFPL 10.3
35 Ru Ru Jalbidhyut Pariyojana Limited RURU 5
36 Sahas Urja Limited SAHAS 86
37 Samling Power Company Limited SPC 9.51
38 Sanima Mai Hydropower Ltd. ## SHPC 22+7
39 Sanjen Jalavidyut Company Limited SJCL 14.5+42.8
40 Shiva Shree Hydropower Ltd SSHL 22.2
41 Singati Hydro Energy Limited SHEL 25
42 Synergy Power Development Ltd. SPDL 9.66
43 Terhathum Power Company Limited TPC 7.55
44 Union Hydropower Limited UNHPL 3
45 United IDI Mardi RB Hydropower Limited. UMRH 7
46 United Modi Hydropower Ltd. UMHL 10+10.5
47 Universal Power Company Limited UPCL 11
48 Upper Tamakoshi Hydropower Ltd UPPER 456

Note: Project Completed & Ongoing Construction are included in table. 

*Api Power Company has received construction license for 40 MW Upper Chameliya Hydropower project  on Ashoj 12, 2076 BS.

** Arun Valley Hydropower is constructing Kabeli B-1 HEP (25 MW) in Panchthar and Taplejung District. It has also received construction license for 9.94 MW Kabeli B1 Cascade HPP  on Ashoj 12, 2076 BS.

*** Butwal Power Company (BPC) is developing 30 MW Nyadi Khola Hydropower project through its subsidiary company Nyadi Hydropower Limited. The construction of the project has been completed and the commercial electricity generation has started.

BPC received construction license for 140 MW Lower Manang Marsyangdi Project on Karthik 18, 2075 BS.

Manang Marsyangdi Hydropower, fully owned subsidiary of BPC,  has received construction license for 282 MW  Manang Marsyangdi Project on Mangsir 1, 2075 BS.

#Chilime Hydropower (CHCL) is developing 3 projects with 270.3 MW capacity through its subsidiary companies:

  1. Sanjen Hydropower- 57.3 MW [Chilime’s Share: 38 Percent]
  2.  Rasuwagadhi Hydropower- 111 MW [Chilime’s Share: 33 Percent]
  3. Madhyabhotekoshi Jalbidyut Company- 102 MW [Chilime’s Share: 38 Percent]

##Sanima Mai Hydropower (SHPC) has made investment in four hydropower companies:

  1. Swetganga Hydropower Limited is developing 28.1 MW Lower Likhu HEP. SHPC has 29.99 lakh shares in Swetganga Hydropower.
  2. Sanima Middle Tamor Hydropower Limited is developing 73 MW Middle Tamor HEP. SHPC has 48 lakh shares in Sanima Middle Tamor Hydropower.
  3. Upper Mailung Khola Hydropower Limited is developoing 14.3 MW Upper Mailung Khola HEP. Sanima Mai Hydropower has 15 lakh shares in this company.
  4. Tamor Sanima Energy Pvt. Limited is developing 285 MW Upper Tamor HEP. SHPC has promised to make an investment of Rs 50 crores in this company.

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