First Microfinance announces bonus share to the shareholders

First Microfinance has announced dividend to the shareholders. The dividend is from the profit of the fiscal year 2075/76. The board meeting held on Shrawan 27, 2076 has declared 17.89 percent total dividend. It includes 17 percent bonus share and 0.89 percent cash dividend for the tax purpose.

The bonus share is worth Rs. 11.63 crores. The microfinance has a current capital of Rs. 68.44 crores. After the adjustment of the bonus share, the capital will rise to Rs. 80 crores. First Microfinance will distribute the dividend after the approval from NRB and its upcoming AGM.

First Microfinance reported profit growth of 31 percent in the fourth quarter of 2075/76. To see the summarized version of the fourth-quarter report, click on the link below:

First Microfinance Fourth Quarter Report



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