Nabil Bank distributed 230 percent dividend in last 5 years. How much will the bank announce this year?

September 24, 2019 | Investopaper

Nabil Bank, one of the leading commercial banks of Nepal, has yet to announce the dividend of the fiscal year 2075/76. The bank is the top profit earner among the private banks of Nepal. Nabil Bank netted the profit of Rs. 4.29 Arba in the fiscal year 2075/76.

Similarly, the bank has accumulated the distributable profit of Rs. 3.18 Arba. At current capital of Rs. 9.01 Arba, the bank has a dividend-paying capacity of 35 percent. We expect the bank to provide 30-35 percent dividend this year. As per our expectation, Nabil Bank will provide a 15 percent bonus share and 20 percent cash dividend to the shareholders.

The bank has distributed almost 230 percent in dividends in the last 5 fiscal years. The dividend distribution is shown in the table below:

Fiscal Year Bonus share(%) Cash dividend(%) Total dividend(%)
2070/71 20 45 65
2071/72 30 6.84 36.84
2072/73 30 15 45
2073/74 30 18 48
2074/75 12 22 34

How much will Nabil Bank announce in dividend this year? Share your views and let us know what investors expect from the bank.

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