Simbuwa Remit Hydro To Develop 70.3 MW Simbuwa Khola Hydropower Project

October 20, 2022 | Investopaper

Simbuwa Remit Hydro Limited is going to build 70.3 MW Simbuwa Khola Hydropower Project. For this purpose, the company has obtained the construction license of the project from the Department of Electricity Development.

The department issued the license on Shrawan 23, 2079 BS. The construction license has a validity until Shrawan 22, 2114 BS.

According to the Department of Electricity Development, the construction license has been given to Simbuwa Remit Hydro on the basis of the environmental impact assessment report and study report of the project approved by the Ministry of Forest and Environment.

Before issuing the license, the department had sought opinions and suggestions from the concerned stakeholders about the adverse effects that may occur during the construction and operation of the project. The department had requested the stakeholders to send their opinions and suggestions within 35 days from the date of issue of the notice.

The company is going to develop the project in Phaktanglung Rural Municipality of Taplejung district. The dam of the project is proposed near Yasang village. Water will be conveyed to the underground power house from the site intake of the dam through 4,598 meters long headrace tunnel and 2148 meters long iron pipe.

After the completion of construction, the project will generate 378.96 gigawatt hours of electricity. The generated electricity will be connected to the Dhungesanghu substation of Nepal Electricity Authority in Taplejung district through a 33 km long 220 kV double circuit transmission line.

Simbuwa Remit Hydro Limited, established in the year 2020 AD, is a subsidiary company of Hydroelectricity Investment and Development Company Ltd. (HIDCL).

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